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    Unique in its design and situated in the heart of Craigavon, the Civic and Conference Centre was constructed in 1982 and officially opened in April 1983.

    The Civic and Conference Centre is the Headquarters of Craigavon Borough Council, which spends approximately £27 million providing services to over 90,000 residents.

    Part of the facility is utilised as office accommodation which is spread over two floors for approximately 150 staff. The centre also houses a very impressive Council Chamber and Civic Suite for the Mayor and Elected Members.

    The Conference Centre, which was refurbished in 2007, is a prominent and recognisable building in the borough of Craigavon. The facility boasts a suite of multipurpose rooms and an octagonal auditorium, the venue is a popular location for meetings, conferences, concerts, festivals and weddings.

    The building overlooks Craigavon lakes which were created during the early 1970’s when an area of poorly drained land was excavated to create the two lakes that are seen today. The South Lake was designed to act as a balancing lake, releasing rainwater collected from the built up areas of Craigavon at a controlled rate into streams which flow into Lough Neagh. The Lakes were also intended to provide recreational opportunities for the population of the newly developed area of central Craigavon.

    Works Completed

    Following the previous renovation of the conference centre, no significant changes were made to the original portion of the building. As an exemplar building the Energy Efficiency & Micro Generation project replaced the original portion of the conference centre’s obsolete florescent lighting with energy efficient LED light fittings.

    The pre-exemplar lighting arrangement in the original area of the conference centre was antiquated with T12 fluorescent lamps which were in need of replacement. This combined with the arrangement of cellular offices into a building which was originally open plan has resulted in an unfavourable lighting system.

    The quality of artificial lighting is one of the most important influences on performance in the work place. Some 80% of our sensory input at work comes through our eyes. Compromising our vision is, therefore, not an option when considering energy efficiency measures.

    A fixture designed specifically for LED technology offers the best performance and life expectation.

    Due to the demountable partitions, which make up the cellular office arrangement in the conference centre, the switching, or control of the lighting was carefully designed to ensure ease of modification in the event of the office walls being re-positioned. This future-proofs and the LED system can reduce future costs.

    In addition through the project the Civic Centre also received an upgrade to the  centre’s Building Management System (BMS).

    Another feature of the exemplar buildings is a visitor experience display screen in the building foyer which, through the monitoring of the building’s energy meters, allows visitors to see a real-time display of the building’s energy performance, comparing live data with historical energy consumption and carbon emissions data.

    As part of the Energy Efficiency and Micro-Generation Project works it is anticipated that a target of 13% reduction in energy consumption and 21% reduction in carbon emissions will be achieved.

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